Worksop Sidings pictured on the 5th of October 1985 (the same year it was closed) 

It was positioned between Worksop West and Shireoaks East signalboxes.

The box opened in 1906.

Even though it was situated close to the mainline it actually had no control over it, the box just signalled trains around the yards on either side. 

Picture courtesy of Chris Booth.

The view from the box looking towards Shireoaks East Jn signalbox. This scene can never be repeated, but thank's to Chris Booth for sharing it is captured forever.

Rebirth of Worksop Sidings...

Today, the lines on both sides of the Manchester to Sheffield line at Worksop West/Shireoaks East junction's, have been taken over by the Harry Needle Railroad Company which now has an extensive collection of new trains waiting to go into service or old stock waiting to be scrapped. 

I'm told he is now hoping to open the former rail yard at the end of Worksop station for engine storage. You can access his website by clicking HERE and going to the 'Worksop' page.