Brancliffe North Junction Signalbox.

I think with my local knowledge and the curviture of the track, the box was situated on the South Yorkshire Branch.

The lines to the top are to Doncaster (Dinnington), the lines below to Brancliffe East Jn, and the lines to the left to Kiveton and on to Sheffield.

Thanks to Chris Booth for the picture.

 A recent visit by myself in October 2009, I'm stood approximately where the original photographer was stood.

The bridge in the distance can just about be made out.

Above is a overbridge and old track bed from Brancliffe North Jn to Brancliffe West Jn. The SB would have been just behind where i'm standing.

And this photo shows an old collapsed telegraph pole which was just behind the site of the SB, could this be an original pole?