Ollerton signalbox was situated between Boughton jn and Thoresby Jn signalboxes on the former LD&ECR (Lancashire, Derbyshire and East Coast Railway).

It controlled quite a big area for a typical size box.

Its control area was from Thoresby to High Marnham power station (HMPS).

Ollerton colliery closed in 1994, which led to the substantially large sidings area being closed and lifted.


The box was temporarily closed when HMPS was mothballed and later re-opened, but at a cost as the signalling had been badly vandalised.

The Signalbox days were numbered however as the power station was finally closed in 2003.


Ollerton box had then served its purpose and was closed soon after.

In 2006 it was set on fire and was badly damaged, but fortunately we had stripped out the strategic spares beforehand, however in 2007 it was set on fire again, and damaged beyond recognition.


It has now been demolished completely as the line was reopened as a test line from Thoresby to Tuxford. See the Rail Innovation page for more information and pictures.


Above: Fire in 2006

Below: Fire in 2007 

The immmaculately kept frame and operating floor of Ollerton box.

The small grey control panel on the right controlled the signalling from Boughton to High Marnham power station when Boughton SB was burnt down.  

A very much in use Ollerton signalbox, when all local collieries and power stations were in full working production and before anti-vandalism protection was needed in December 1985.

Picture courtesy of Dave Stones. 

A busy Ollerton including the colliery in full use pictured on the 7th of April 1988. Photographer unknown.

In the mid-twentieth century, a line called the 'Mid-Notts Joint Line' was to be built between Bestwood Park Junction near Nottingham and Chequerhouse at Retford and operated by the LMS & LNER. Only the section between Farnsfield and Ollerton was ever built, with two connections for the Midland Railway and the Great Central Railway.  The Google Earth image above shows the former Mid-Notts line & its connections.  

This fantastic rare shot shows the Mid-Notts line over the LD&ECR line with the immediate line to the left connecting tothe Bevercotes branch. Picture courtesy of Chris Booth.

And another great shot shows an HST 125 'Grand Old Dukes'special just about to pass Ollerton signalbox on the 11th of January 1992. Picture by Roy Hawke, shared with permission by Chris Booth.