Bawtry station was opened on the 4th of September 1849, and was later closed by British Rail in June 1965.

The signalbox at the platform end controlled the area between Scrooby and Rossington.

Unknown to many a line connected Bawtry with Haxey junction near Misterton. The Google Earth picture shows this  below later. (See also Haxey).

A similar view in 2010 which is totally different to the picture above. The former Haxey branch trackbed is still very much in situe just behind the signal to the right.

 Although the Station closed in 1965, it is not known when the signalbox closed, but I would have thought it would have closed in around 1974, when the track was realligned with a high speed curve to allow the new HST 125 to travel at 125mph.

Its amazing to find that even today some thirty-odd years after closure there are several cranks, compensators and signal wire pulleys that stand the test of time, the former compensator above (minus the arms) clearly shows the year 1948.

There is good news as Wikipedia states that in 2008, Doncaster Council has protected some land next to the former station, should the town grow even more and require a new station to serve the increasing population.

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