Steetley Colliery sidings signalbox was situated closeby to the main Worksop to Chesterfield roadbridge and some remains can be still seen today.

It was on the Woodend Jn to Elmton & Creswell Jn line and primarily served the colliery closeby as well as mainline traffic.

The signalbox was opened on the 7th of June 1896 and was closed July 1985.

This is the block shelf inside the box and as you can see from the diagram in the top left, it controlled a very small section of the line.

This picture taken by M.A. King on the 25th of October 1969, giving a better view of its location and the entrance into Steetley Colliery. 

Undated picture showing train passing entrance into Steetley Colliery.

Signalwoman Edna Molesworth standing on the signalbox steps in 1944.

An interesting article with her life story as as signalwoman can be read by clicking on the link below:

Life As A Signalwoman - Edna Molesworth.pdf Life As A Signalwoman - Edna Molesworth.pdf
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