I had over 26 and a half years of experience on the railway in the S&T department based in Retford, Nottinghamshire as a Senior Engineering technician, moving onto Section Supervisor in Sheffield. I’m now a Mobile Operations Manager based in Sheffield. 

When I first started on the Retford area under British Rail, we covered many many miles of railway from Gainsborough Trent Junction all the way to Sheffield, Sutton Junction in Mansfield, St caths Junction and all the local serving colliery lines. 

Many of these lines have either changed dramatically or have been completely lifted and nothing remains. 

I think its very important that these lines are remembered and so I've tried to capture what we've since lost so other generations can see the effort and dedication that men and women contributed to whilst these busy lines were still open, never to be seen in real life ever again. 

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F. M. Spowart.