Mansfield ‘CS’ (concentration sidings) was situated between Clipstone W Jn and Clipstone colliery Jn and closed on the 14th of July 1986.


The hand-drawn map below details where the junctions and signalboxes were.


The map gives a fascinating insight into the once complex array of junctions and just how far the lines went.


For some that thought the line “just went to Clipstone colliery”, maybe surprised to see that the line not only served all the collieries but also went to Nottingham Victoria Station (via Mansfield Woodhouse), now of course part of the revived Robin Hood line.

Inside the box in the 1980's showing visiting S&T staff including ex-supervsior Richard Hibbert.

The panel in the right-hand corner was added to control Rufford Jn when the box was closed, later transferred (along with Mansfield Con) to Clipstone West Jn.