The line to Lincoln (via Fledborough - which was approx 500 yds straight on ahead) is closed and the points are held permenantly reverse into High Marnham power station.

After the box was closed, control was transferred eventually to Ollerton after the next box along called Boughton was burnt down. 

This shot shows the trackwork that had recently been carried out to disconnect the junction to Lincoln with the installation of a new colourlight stop signal S22.

The line to Lincoln (through Fledborough Station in the distance) is partly dismantled.

Picture kindly shared by Chris Booth.

Former signalling & telecommunications (S&T) gang inside the then working signalbox, from right is Derek Talbot (still on S&T and my former team leader who taught me a lot!), Adrian Stretton (now signaller at Clipstone SB), Richard Hibbert (went on to be become S&T supervisor, now retired), other person in shot is unknown.

Picture courtesy of Chris Booth Collection.

This fascinating signalbox diagram of the box shows all connections in place including the one to Lincoln over the Trent Viaduct.

Diagram provided by Andy Rush from the 'Industrialogical Associates Collection'.


The picture above curtesy of Google Earth shows the magificient viaduct over the river trent which is situated along the former power station, this is still owned by Network Rail, but now has been turned into a 12 mile cycle route, (see below).

The 'Fledborough' station sign is nicely recreated as part of the cycle route, the station platforms are still standing, and other various historic reminders such as signal bases are also spotted down the cycle track. And just before the viaduct, a replica 'Distant signal' has been erected to show walkers/cyclist a bit of history of the former railway line.

Fledborough station above was opened on the 15th of December 1896, it was later closed on the 19th of September 1955.

This picture was taken in the same year of closure.

This great shot shows the complex arrangement of sidings during construction in 1956, with a steam hauled train on the main Lincoln passenger line to the right.

Picture courtesy of the Chris Booth Collection. 

A loaded coal train enters a fully operational High Marnham Power Station in 1987.

The extensive sidings to eitherside were rarely used, other power stations nearby which lacked this facility saw more trains and were gridlocked in the 1980's and would often be nose-to-tail. The lines were controlled by a CEGB (power station employee) from the control room, and then control was passed to Ollerton signalbox (post High Marnham & Boughton signalbox closures).

In the background to the left you may just be able to make out the track lifting train which is removing the now closed Fledborough branch to Lincoln.

A similar view in September 2010 shows just the track bed and mother nature taking over. 

The 28th of October 2003 and its the end of an era as the last scheduled train '7Z88' EWS train 66086 departs High Marnham for the last time ever.

Pictured and kindly shared by Chris Booth.

And this shot shows the last ever train to leave High Marnham after the stock pile of coal was completely removed. The stop sign signifies the closure of Ollerton signalbox and degraded working.

The signalbox shell was demolished in 2009 following the reopening of the line for testing purposes.

Picture kindly shared by Dafydd Whyles. 

And a great bit of history, an original High Marnham signal identification sign from HM 20 signal. This was located at Fledborough viaduct as the protecting signal for the double to single line junction.

Pictured by John Orledge, (his neighbour kindly gave him permission to take it). 

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