Tuxford had a large railway presence with three boxes, three stations and a engine repair depot.

Tuxford Central signalbox (pictured above) this was located at the end of Tuxford Central platform on the former LD&ECR Ollerton (Lincoln) line (pictured below).

This great historic shot shows the interior of Central signalbox in 1982. I am told the box was closed in late 1981.

Picture courtesy of Michael from photoshare website Flickr.

The same view in 2010 showing only the 'Up' platform still in situe. A stoneblower machine can just been seen in the distance in testing trials.

Just a few hundreds yards up from the old central station, a rotten bench with two signal cranks in situated, and clearly one is dated 1956, (this is the manufactoring date).

And another hidden piece of history.....an old telegraph pole insulator with the wire still attached and dated 1942 with LNER on the side.

Pictured above was Tuxford North station with the North signalbox located at the end, this was situated on what is now the East Coast mainline (former LNER).

And this was Tuxford Dukeries Station also located on the former LNER about half a mile South of Tuxford North station.

It was at the time an interchange with two platforms on the LNER serving the route to London & Edinburgh, and another two platforms above to serve Nottingham & Lincoln.

The high-level (Lincoln) platforms and buildings were made entirely of wood due to being built on the metal bridge also carrying the lines. The photo above shows the lines to and from London and the high-level shelter above.

The metal bridge was a three tier bridge with additional lines either side of the mainlines.

More pictures of the railway at Tuxford can be viewed on an external site by clicking HERE.

The picture here shows the true extent and large railway presence in Tuxford. This is Tuxford Dukeries Junction signalbox in 1960. The lines to the right are to Tuxford West Jn and onto the Former Lincoln line, although both lines still exist today, there is now no connection between the two.

This 1947 Ordnance Survey map shows the locations of the three station; 1: Tuxford North, 2: Dukeries (high level), 3: Dukeries (low-level) and 4: Tuxford Central. 

The third remaining box was Tuxford West Jn, this was also located on the Ollerton (Lincoln) line, the two lines leading down to the left joined the LNER (ECML).

The ground frame below has been brought back into use along with two others to enable engineering test trains to use the line again to the site of High Marnham power station. The line is now a Network Rail test track which will again see trains running between Shirebrook to Tuxford, eventually using the rest of the line to High Marnham.  (Please see the Rail Innovation and Developement  page for more info and Network Rail's official brochure).

NR's multi-million pound track laying machine which will be used to modernise the West Coast mainline is currently being trialled and will relay the line as it is being tested, with daily operations taking place.

The main offices and repair cabins are located in Tuxford close to the A1.

Below are pictures of the newly repaired and recommisioned ground frame No 2.

Around the corner from central station site towards Ollerton and there is a siding made up of some of the original Bull Head rail, this chair is stamped LNE and dated May 1939 - a great piece of history!

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