Clarborough Jn pictured in the sixties.

The lines to the left are to Lincoln (and West Burton Power Station), and the lines in the centre are to Cottam Power Station.

The lines to Cottam once served Leverton & Cottam railway stations and carried on to Lincoln via Sykes Jn.

The line was closed on the 2nd of November 1959 and the signalbox was closed on the 12th of November 1967 when control was transferred to Thrumpton. Sykes Jn however remained a little longer but was finally closed in 1988.

A project to totally relay and reconfigure the points equipment was completed in 2010 (see further below for the new junction).

Pictured below is Sykes Jn mentioned earlier, and the line to Clarborough Jn (as you can see from the points set) is still open when this picture was taken pre 1959.


This was Clarborough Junction pictured in 2010, after reconstruction and remodelling. The switch diamonds have now gone and the mechanical ground frame (out of shot) was also renewed with HW2000 machines, all operated by Thrumpton SB. The antenna in the background is part of the new digital radio network (GSMR) for improved train-to-signaller communications and also the introduction of direct technician-to-signaller communication. The white 'igloo' building was the 1960's built 'relay room' which was demolished when Thrumpton signalbox was resignalled in 2013 costing £16m.

Before Thrumpton was resignalled, the crossover was controlled by short-lived ground switch panel, this has now been abolished.

An extract from the resignalling notices showing the closure of Clarborough Jn signalbox and the resignalling of the Leverton branch to Cottam Power Station.

Pictured on the 19th of June 2019 is 6F81, sadly is the last ever scheduled train from Cottam Power Station leaving the Cottam Branch and onto Clarborough Junction. Picture courtesy of Tom Gray.

The power station will close in September 2019 ending 50 years of service. It is not known at present what will happen to the branch line.